May 1st, I boarded a plane at YYZ to turn time back 3 hours, and wind up in San Francisco. This city has drawn me in and I have spent 8 amazing weeks exploring, learning and enjoying the time I have here. The culture is appreciably different than what I am used to in Toronto, but I am warming up to it and trying to take advantage of the opportunities presented to me.

After a week of foggy skies, in addition to discovering that the San Francisco fog even has a Twitter handle, I finally caught a glimmer of sun and biked up to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Meghan at Golden Gate Bridge

I know I looked Photoshopped into that image, but I really was there! No visit to San Francisco is complete without a visit to this famous bridge. It’s a lot longer than it appears, but it’s amazing to feel that salt-water wind as you walk across. Working in the Presidio National Park, I am incredibly lucky to be able to see the Golden Gate from our cafeteria every day! I hope that over my time here, I never get to the point where I take the view over to Marin for granted.

Memorial Day Weekend had me visiting the Muir Woods National Monument with 3 classmates from Waterloo. It felt like we had entered the set for the new Jurassic World movie, with ferns growing everywhere, and towering trees on all sides.

Muir Woods

It has been a wonderful term in San Francisco thus far, and I cannot wait to explore more of what this city has to offer.