2016 has been, and will continue to be, a year full of taking on new challenges as I learn and grow as a student and as a designer. First up on the list was moving to New York City to take a full-time internship at Noom. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to work at a company that is helping people live healthier lives, and that also gives me the chance to explore another great American city. My camera has been getting a lot of use and I couldn’t be happier to be documenting my time here through the lens.

View of the Plaza from Central Park

One of my first stops when I arrived in the city was to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Centre, before it was taken down a few days after. It was worth the cold I had to brave to see this classic Christmas tradition standing. Directly behind the Christmas tree on the wall of Saks 5th Avenue there was a beautiful display of lights and Christmas carols being played which added to the spirit, even though it was a couple weeks after the holidays.

Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree

A weekend in the middle of February brought unseasonably warm temperatures of 14˚C, and I took advantage of this weather by walking along the High Line in lower Manhattan. I think half the city had the same idea. The walk was enjoyable, but I will definitely go back when the plants are in bloom in the springtime. The picture below is as the sun was setting towards the southern end of the park.

Looking out from the High Line

The end of February called for a reunion with some of my best friends from school. Toronto is close enough that a weekend trip isn’t too difficult to manage, so we coordinated and had the gang of 5 meet up for some adventures in New York. A carefully planned weekend meant that we got to experience a bunch of flavours of New York. We visited the recently-opened 9/11 Memorial Museum which I thought to be wonderfully designed and a touching tribute to the events of that day, took a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, took skyline shots from DUMBO and ate some delicious pizza in Brooklyn.

Nehal, Matt, Meghan, Nathan and Colin on the Brooklyn Bridge

We also visited the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, which was super cool thanks to its interactive experience (and spinning chairs in the basement). I loved the exhibit on Pixar and their design process more than anything!

Meghan having fun in a spinning chair

I was also lucky enough to be able to attend a concert at Carnegie Hall, with none other than the Vienna Philharmonic performing Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. This is pretty much a dream come true in the music world. It was one of the most dazzling concert halls I have been in, with red velvet wherever you looked, and ornate detail everywhere else. The acoustics were incredible. The faintest of sounds can be heard from seats far away, and the music of the orchestra completely filled the hall. I closed my eyes during the final moments of The Great Gate of Kiev and wished for it not to end.

Interior of Carnegie Hall

I’m so grateful for all the wonderful opportunities I have had in my first eight weeks in New York City, and I plan to continue enjoying the city to its fullest every day until I move back to Waterloo. Thanks to all who have come to visit and all those who have contributed to making me feel at home here (looking at you, DUX team).